Blue Team Village (our friends just call us BTV) is both a place and a community built for and by defenders. It’s a place to gather, talk, share, and learn from each other about the latest tools, technologies, and tactics that our community can use to detect attackers and prevent them from achieving their goals. Whether we are in the same physical space, or in the ether, BTV is a place for encouraging, teaching, and supporting Blue Teamers.

BTV packs more fun and learning into three days than any defender can possibly fit in. If you like to compete in CTFs, this year we are again hosting the uniquely blue Network Defense OpenSOC CTF. We have it on good authority that this will be the most challenging and fun OpenSOC ever.

To help and encourage new players we will also be hosting several demos of the software tools used by OpenSOC. Come learn how to use these incredible defense tools, then apply them in the CTF. Oh… and then take that knowledge back to your own Blue Teams.

This year we will again have plenty of defender focused talks, and workshops. And don’t forget to hang out in the Discord channels to ask questions, catch up with old friends and meet new ones.

BTV promises to be an all out firehose of Blue Team learning, sharing, and fun for the defenders that build stuff, defend stuff, and just make it generally hard for attackers. Come celebrate the other side of the hacking mirror with us. We’ll keep a blue light on for you!